The Milano Family - Activites

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The Milano Family - Activites

The Activites will be held SOON!


The Milano Family - The First Robbery

The First Robbery entitled : Revenge

The Story Of The Robbery :-

After a lot of planning and preparation for the first robbery after the death of my father "Capomandamento", it was CASINO ROBBERY - The Four Dragons Casino, through which $ 334,000 was stolen.  The plan of the robbery is explained in detail and is as follows: one person will watch the door after shooting down all the security cameras inside the casino, two men will watch in the middle after the fortified cash safe is detonated, and the last one will start filling money into the bags, and then we will take the cash and flee outside the casino, BUT!!! happened  What was not expected,  that the police were faster than expected and arrived at the scene of the robbery very early after hitting a siren notice inside the casino that there was a robbery.
Each of :

  • Francesco Gotti
  • Leonardo Vounchi
  • John Dilinger
  • Vincent Moretti
was arrested for 4 years, but Francesco Gotti was able to get out on financial bail because he did not prove any evidence against him

Some Pictures of the scence


The Milano Family - The New Start

The New Start entitled : Let's get them know - The Milano Family

Story of The New Start :

After The First Robbery of The Milano Family regained the strength and began to spread and become famous quickly due to the presence of the money so after Francesco Gotti  met the OG of Grove Street Families and they talked about the Los Santos, and after the OG of Grove Street Families spoke brutally and mocked and ridiculed Francesco Gotti  after Francesco Gotti  told him that they are the biggest in Los Santos and the strongest and that they will controls it and all those in the Los Santos will obey Francesco Gotti's orders , so the reaction of The Milano Family was violent and they killed everyone who was in the house.  To show the Grove Street Families who the The Milano Family are, The OG of Grove Street Families managed to escape, gathered his soldiers and decided to start a war with The Milano Family, then Francesco Gotti decided to show Grove Street Families who are The Milano Family and The Milano Family killed everyone and took control of idlewood

Some Pictures of the scence:


The Milano Family has took over Willowfield  from Grove Street Families


The Milano Family - Family Name Expansion

Family Name Expansion entitled : The power of The Milano Family

Story of Family Name Expansion :

After The Milano Family has took control of Idlewood and Willowfield
The family name  began to expand until it reached Yamaguchi they heard about this and they were upset about that so they have  decided to show them selves to The Milano Family  so Yamaguchi went and began to extort businesses and companies profit that belongs to Godfather of The Milano Family , and then Francesco Gotti  (GodFather) met with all the family members, and they decided to extort  all the businesses  profits within the family's hoods, even one of the businesses  that the family have extorted belongs to Yamaguchi Boss and it was found out who is owner of the business after a session with  Leonardo Vounchi to search  about  the  unknown business's owner until it becomes clear that business's owner is the Boss of the Yamaguchi and it seems to dominate everyone, and punishes everyone who raises his voice in the face of the family, and there is a small message that the family would like to spread widely and it is "that everyone will know who are The Milano Family  and how strong they are" and the coming days  will prove that

Some Pictures of the scence:

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