Cobra Motorcycle Club - Establishment Request

Started by Tony_Gabriel, Sep 22, 2022, 10:53 PM

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Applicant's name: Tony_Gabriel
Applicant's in game score: 75+
Faction name: Cobra Motorcycle Club (CMC)
Faction color(preferably a hex code): #231709 (Brown)
Skin IDs(upto 6): bikera (id247), bikerb (id248), vwmycr (id181), wmycr (id100),  hyfpro (id64), wmyclot (id217).
Faction Headquarter(preferably an image):,
Link to the faction history & activity topic: "Cobra Motorcycle Club" is an outlaw motorcycle club operating primarily at Red County, Montgomery. The Club began in early 90's when a popular turf war took place between The Milano Family & Grove Street Family. During that war some front line members of Grove Street Family started side lining the other members in this result GSF separated into two groups because of unsettled matters of the family like non-independence, not giving rights, not promoting etc. Because of this, a hatred build up between the groups and after some time they decided to make their own independent club where no one can mess with their matters, rights, tactics etc. CMC is a highly structured criminal organization whose members engage in criminal activities such as violent crimes, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, strippers trafficking, smuggling, cocaine business, bikes selling business, tattoos shops etc. CMC coordinates drug smuggling operations in partnership with "The Milano Family" which have been loyal to them till this period. They also have large links with "The Yamaguchi's" they both have 30 % of shares in the strip club name "The Pig Pen" located at East Los Santos.
What is faction about(Background)?: "Cobra Motorcycle Club" is an outlaw gang & the members are mostly arrogant, violent, toxic & very cruel people who likes to rule over the streets, spreading their hoods, drinking, roaming around with their girls, riding along with their motorbikes, But it is actually a bike riding club. They like fancy clothing like leather jackets, sunglasses, chains, baggy pants, tattoos on their arms that all are the identification of a true Cobra Club member. They are not good mannered at all, whoever try to speak with them they will lash out at him/her & will try to fight. Right Now, they are in seek of revenge with the Grove Street Family & if anyone other than GSF try to interfere in their matters then that organization will regret.

Names of players who are supposed to be the part of the organization (Atleast Six): [DG]Tony, [DG]Shapzy, amirali, M.Pain, Demonic Skull, Sleezy more to come...
Tony gab..


QuoteLink to the faction history & activity topic:

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