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Staff report

Started by koussai, Sep 18, 2022, 03:57 PM

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Staff Report

Person filing complaint: Mr._.Koussai
The defendants name and position: @sgtmol
Date and time of the incident: 18/09/22 16:30 GMT +2
If the defendant broke a server rule, please quote the broken rule: N/A - biased judgment on an affair involving multiple parties; jailing me for "UTR reviving" when I RPed reviving, and for "SK" when the said spawnkill was Peter coming out of the house induced by adrenaline rush, which every party agreed to void - makes no sense to punish for it.
Brief description of the incident:  So, I was RPing with Gabagool, Mr._.wiou, Bake, Habib and Daood, and we were shot at by a few Grove Street members (Gabagool in particular whom had his car destroyed by one of them) so we both collectively decided that we would have a brief war, a/k/a our "Suicide Squad" and Grove Street members. The first round which included me shooting Peter after he came out of his house was voided upon agreement by all parties, so me being admin-jailed for an offense that everyone agreed to void is ridiculous, let alone when it comes to the very man reporting agreeing to void it and move on, but of course - that is what happens when you share too much of that interest with someone on the losing party.

Anyways, onto the second round which was a legitimate one - Peter, mind you utilizing a no-recoil mod of sorts (alleged by Bakeman, potentially coming off of the modded SAMP Client that Peter and every mobile player is utilizing) manages to gun down Daood, one member of our suicide squad, so a few of our members rushed over towards him and gave him medical aid before and during the course of reviving him, RPly. We have evidence for this statement as both I (RP name Top_G) and Mr._.wiou (RP Name Kryone Davis) contributed to fulfilling the RP line minimum before having revived Habib. This makes the admin-jail on the so called "Inability to roleplay revival" invalid, and my sentence should be either voided or at least cut in half if Peter is gonna continue to bitch about something we all agreed to void.
Your witness: Gabagool, Daood,bake,wiou
Evidence(Screenshot, chatlogs or videos) The chatlog showing that we clearly RPed the reviving of Daood:
[16:19:11] Top_G helps a homie
[16:19:14] Andrew Tayt shouts 'I HATE AFRIKAN AMERIKANS'!
[16:19:15] <[DG]Nikusha> nega my car
[16:19:16] Top_G gets him up
[16:19:20] <Mr._.wiou> NO
[16:19:20] <Mr._.wiou> DONT
[16:19:22] Top_G give him some medic
[16:19:24] <[DG]Peter> koussai
[16:19:25] kryone davis approaches peter
[16:19:30] kryone davis tries to get him up
[16:19:31] <[DG]Peter> Im gonna report you for several things
[16:19:31] <Mr._.Koussai> ?
[16:19:32] * [DG]Peter [11] has been killed by Gabagool [9] (Desert Eagle).
[16:19:32] Your wanted level has increased to 7.
[16:19:38] <[DG]Peter> You revived him without ro
[16:19:40] <[DG]Peter> you sked me
[16:19:41] <Gabagool> he rped
[16:19:42] <Gabagool> lmfao
[16:19:44] <Mr._.wiou> he rped
[16:19:45] <[DG]Peter> he didnt


He is right they did the Same UTR stuff with me too and ajailed me for UTR reviving and not rping the admins are using there powers in wrong way and are biased on majority of chat speaks.They are Biased.
And even if we rped something they try acting like we didn't rped like an blind man 8)


I was the moderator that punished you with 30min admin jail.

Koussai, take into consideration that you broke four following rules:
  • Using law-organisation weapons for criminal role-play,
  • Spawn killing,
  • Reviving a player without three prior role-play lines &
  • Not following admins' explicit instructions.
I need to mention that you were personally warned on multiple occasions by me and other administrators for all the rules stated above.
Those warns were met by your disrespectful behaviour/messages.
Have in mind that you were punished accordingly for a whole day of delinquent behaviour.

  • #5 - Follow the admins' instructions at all times.
  • #17 - No powergaming during roleplay.
  • #28 - Whilst /civil, you are not allowed to use unachievable organization weapons (Grenades, Snipers, etc).
  • #33 - Reviving, requires at least 3 lines of proper role-play in advance.

I would suggest you to thoroughly read server /rules, before stating false claims.
EDIT: Typo fixes.
Server Moderator
HDO Manager
DG Staff Member

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